District of North Vancouver crews have begun site preparations for the new park at Delbrook.

Initial site preparations for the new neighbourhood park at Delbrook started this week with some hazardous tree removals, and park construction is on track to begin this summer.  These are largely dead or dying trees that pose a risk to public safety and trees that need to be cleared to prepare the site.

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The construction is on track to begin this summer.

The park includes a grass amphitheatre, multi-use space with a sports court, playground, bike skills area, exercise equipment, open grass area, tennis courts, and a pedestrian bridge over the creek. The new neighbourhood park will be built on a portion of the land occupied by the old Delbrook Community Centre.

The preferred plan for the park focuses on accessible and active recreation and sports amenities and features multiple path connections and access to the natural areas and creek. It’s based on input received during public consultation for the overall Delbrook Lands planning project. It considers these factors, such as existing site conditions, amenities, and community input on preferred uses and future amenities.

The park will be next to the portion of the old Delbrook Lands set aside for the proposed four-storey building designated for social housing.